Electritex Motor Management Program


  1. Complete Plant Motor Audit
    A. Machines
    B. Auxiliary
    C. Spare Motors
  2. Motor Failure Analysis by Audit No.
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Motor Tracking
  5. Machine Tracking


  1. Monthly Repair Costs By Plant
  2. Monthly Corporate Costs
  3. Yearly Summary
  4. Repair vs Replace
  5. Repair Summary By Machine
  6. Repair Summery By Audit No.
  7. Cause of Failure
  8. Others

Electritex’s motor management program is a complete program to improve production, reduce machine down time and electric motor costs. This program is totally intergraded with our production and inventory system, allowing us to track cause of failures, motor application problems, and machine problems. The reporting system monitors progress and assures objectives are being met.

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